'Trash that dress'

Now that the wedding is over, you have two choices of what to do with the dress. You can suffocate it in a plastic bag and hope that your daughter will want to wear it in 20 years, or you can put it back on and have some fun. For many brides a wedding day is simply not long enough for the pleasure of wearing the ultimate outfit! Because of time constraints, weather or location, a wedding day also isn't always long enough to capture the most creative photography possible. We provide brides with a great excuse to put the dress back on and get some fabulous 'fashion' shots in usual and interesting locations. Don't worry, you don't really need to 'Trash the Dress' at all, it's just the name given to this exciting trend that sometimes sees brides wearing their wedding dress in extreme settings like a beach, forest, industrial area or cliff top.

♦ Do I have to really trash it?

Of course not! It's just a fun session to do when you have more time than the day of the wedding or a situation you wouldn't dare do the day of the wedding. Sure you can get a little risky with it, like splashing in water or riding horseback

♦ Can I still do a session if you didn't shoot my wedding?

Absolutely! We can certainly add a little spice to your wedding collection even if we didn't cover the actual event. This is the perfect opportunity to add a different style to your wedding photos and some out of the ordinary locations.

♦ How much does it cost?


♦ What do I get from the session

You get 2 photographers at a location of your choice within 25 miles of your home address (extra distance can be arranged) DVD disc with all your images on and copyright releasing form (you can print and reprint from the disc as many times as you like). You also get a DVD slideshow of photographs set to music of your choice (Music ten minutes long supplied by you). Presentation case (2 DVD case and cameo photo on the front cover in Blue/Black or Ivory) all editing included